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Stoned Appétit x Seed & Smith Collaboration

Stoned Appetit Seed & Smith Dart Pod

Stoned Appétit is an old friend of Seed & Smith. If you are unfamiliar with Stoned Appétit, they are a Colorado based podcast that helps promote and support the local culinary and cannabis communities. Stoned Appétit has participated in many local events as well, like our Seed & Smith dinner back in May, and always has a fun story or two to tell! Stoned Appétit is a two man team consisting of both Kip Wilson and Chris Byard. Check out their podcast and website to learn more!

We are pleased to announce that we have collaborated with Stoned Appétit yet again for an incredibly exciting drop on Friday, July 22nd. Fans of the Seed & Smith DART are going to love this one! If you don’t know about the Seed & Smith DART, this article will catch you up to speed. You can also learn more about the Seed & Smith DART on our website where we discuss why it’s the next generation of cannabis vaping.

On to the good stuff! Our collaboration with Stoned Appétit has produced absolutely gorgeous custom and limited edition packaging, including a custom battery, tin, and exterior box. These are extremely limited in supply, with only 500 available. And the best part is Paloma–an exclusive DART pod strain specifically curated by Stoned Appétit to enhance your summer vibes.

Paloma is the same tried-and-true handcrafted live resin oil that Seed & Smith has perfected over the years, so you are in for a treat. Paloma has a musky body with notes of sweet tropical fruits rounding the flavor out. Overtones of grapefruit and lemon may be especially noticeable. These limited edition kits will be available at both Seed & Smith locations, Callies, Good Flower, Natures Kiss, Valley High (Paonia), Space Station Dispensary, and High Level Health (Dumont, Colfax, Lincoln Market Street locations).


“If a paloma had a baby with Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler, you’d get the Stoned Appetit Dart Pod. Perfect for a pool sesh, post-workout or even on a hike! Pairs beautifully with charcuterie boards, natural wines, jazz in the park and camping trips” –@stoned_appetit


In addition, to support their culinary and cannabis roots in the Colorado community, Stoned Appétit and Seed & Smith will be hosting raffles at each dispensary location. Each eligible purchase will be entered for a chance to win gift cards to local restaurants including Hop Alley, Glo, Annette, and others! Make sure to follow Seed & Smith and Stoned Appétit for more exclusive product drops, collaborations, and giveaways.


Stoned Appétit

Seed & Smith

July 19, 2022
Product News
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