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Pre-Roll Pack

Something This Simple Shouldn’t Be This Groundbreaking

One could say that a marijuana joint exemplifies the experience of consuming cannabis dating back decades ago. So what happened? Technology has advanced, times have changed, and the cannabis community has new methods and products to consume with. But no more…we carefully and purposefully designed Seed & Smith pre-rolled joints to personify the ease and convenient experience of a joint. 



Recyclable: The Seed & Smith pre-rolled joints package is fully recyclable! Peel off any stickers and toss it in with the rest of your used goods.

Durable: Joints are delicate items. Our pre-roll packaging is not though. Built durably with a commercial grade plastic epoxy to withstand life’s adventures.

Water Resistant: The Seed & Smith pre-roll package is designed to keep your precious cargo dry and repel any water from tainting each joint’s pristine structure.

Natural Materials: You pre-rolled joint papers are unbleached, all natural papers from our friends at Futurola.

Discreet & Sleek: Clocking in at just below 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches in dimension, our pre-roll pack can perfectly fit in your pocket or small bag and is metal detector friendly.

100% Flower: Freshly harvested flower is the only kind of flower you will enjoy in our pre-rolled joints. Each joint is packed with full flower nugs--no trim, no shake, no compromises.

Thoughtfully Crafted

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we went back to the basics with the fundamentals in mind. Most importantly, we placed ourselves in the shoes of an everyday consumer. The result was a product that felt groundbreaking, yet really just honed in the right way of crafting pre-rolled joints. A two time award winning product, Seed & Smith pre-rolled joints is the pinnacle of pre-rolled flower. No trim, no shake, only freshly cut and harvested flower. Our pre-rolled joints are bundled in a discreet and durable package that’s ready to go wherever your next adventure takes you.


The Flower in Your Pre-Rolled Joints

It’s no secret that cannabis businesses, dispensaries, and even the occasional consumer will use leftover product to make a cheap joint. At Seed & Smith, we don’t compromise, so why should you–why should your pre-rolled joints? In every single joint that we produce, we use full cannabis flower. Gorgeous nugs that deserve to be consumed in a special manner. We do not use trim. We do not use shake. We roll your joints exactly how we would roll a joint for ourselves: with premium cultivated marijuana flower. And, in case you were wondering, our joint papers are unbleached and all natural. We did all the legwork for you to ensure your joint is exactly how you like it!



How many pre-rolled joints come in each pack?

Each Seed & Smith Pre-Roll Pack comes with 7 half-gram joints. Therefore, each pack is equal to an eighth of our cannabis flower.

Which strains are available in the pre-roll packs?

We frequently rotate our pre-rolled joints pack strain variety to feature new strains, as well as Seed & Smith classics.

Are your pre-roll packs waterproof?

The Seed & Smith Pre-Roll Pack is water resistant, but not fully waterproof. We designed the packaging to keep water from getting your joints wet, but not to go swimming.

Is there any metal in the Seed & Smith Pre-Roll Pack?

None at all! Take them through metal detectors as you please without setting off the alarm. The packaging is recyclable-friendly plastic.

How much does the Seed & Smith Pre-Roll Pack cost?

For a limited time, we’ve priced each pre-roll pack at $25 before tax! Just slightly more than the price of an eighth, albeit convenience provided.

Why choose Seed & Smith pre-rolled joints vs. marijuana flower?

Pre-rolled joints are great for adventures, excellent for sharing with friends, and built durably--these award winning joints won’t let you down in any scenario.


Share With A Friend. Take On The Go. Never Miss A Beat.

In times when puff-puff-pass has become a bit more complicated, we want to remind you that you deserve your own joint. So does your friend or smoking buddy! Each Seed & Smith Pre-Roll Pack comes fully loaded with seven half-gram joints of premium marijuana flower. For wherever your journeys take you, plus any friends, we’ve designed the pre-roll joint packaging with a sleek and smooth design. Easy to slide into your pocket or small bag, the Seed & Smith Pre-Roll Pack is a durable container built with water resistant material. Keep your joints safe from external damage, so when you do spark one up, they look and smoke as well as they did day one!


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