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Storing Cannabis

Cannabis packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, from pouches, bags, jars, plastic containers, and everything in between. Stored optimally after being cured in the correct manner, cannabis can have a shelf life of up to 2 years! Now, it is easy to overlook the delicacy of the cannabis plant, especially when it has been trimmed, dried, cured, and packaged for final consumption in a dispensary. After all, many of

Cannabis Terpene Guide: Your Quick Cheat Sheet

By now, you’ve heard about terpenes. Even individuals who are not frequent cannabis consumers are becoming aware of terpenes–those magical compounds found in plants. As a cannabis user, you might have heard a friend say, “Eat a mango before you smoke to really supercharge your high,” only to find out that mangoes contain a fair amount of naturally occurring Myrcene. Myrcene is just one of hundreds of terpenes, but surely

April Product Spotlight

April is well underway, and we have had some great promotions so far! From Cheeba Chews to Dialed In and Koda, if you’re looking for some 4/20 deals, Seed & Smith is first on the list. To see all of our April deals, check out our 4/20 Calendar on our
promotions page!


Amongst all of our incredible vendors, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on our

Cannabis For Sports: Can It Help Recovery?

This past summer, in July 2021, the world was gearing up to watch one of the fastest humans compete in the 100M race at the Tokyo Olympics. Expectations were certainly high as Sha’Carri Richardson was coming off of a first place finish at the US track and field trials in Oregon just weeks before. With expectations comes a certain degree of pressure and scrutiny, nothing unusual to world-class athletes like

Dry January or T-Break January?

Dry January or T-Break January? How to live your healthiest life in the first month of 2022!

What is “Dry January”? This is a relatively new term that has been a common term floating around the last several years alluding to abstaining from alcohol for the 31 days of January. In 2012, the British charity group Alcohol Change UK launched the Dry January initiative as a way to promote, “ditching

S&S Holiday Gift Boxes

The holidays are here and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve brought BRAND NEW Holiday Gift Boxes to our shelves this month as it’s the season of giving! These gift boxes come with assorted Seed & Smith products, carefully curated for a different experience, and multiple choices for every Holiday budget. These boxes are perfect for those just getting into cannabis and for seasoned vets, with the highest quality Seed …

Denver’s Best Cannabis Tour Reopens!

Seed & Smith’s iconic facility tour has reopened to the public after a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, our team reevaluated the cannabis grow tour to see how we could improve Colorado’s best marijuana grow tour experience. We wanted to discover how we could showcase more of our products, amplify the tour stop at our extraction lab, and ultimately provide greater education to any tour-taker.

Cannabis Edibles are Constantly Evolving

Cannabis edibles are constantly evolving in a race to see who can create the most delectable yet buzz-worthy treats. Ever since Mary Rathburn, affectionately known as Brownie Mary, started selling her “pot brownies” in the California area in the 1980’s, the edible industry has taken off. Now, you can find all sorts of edibles on shelves, from baked goods and gummies to beverages and tinctures.

While edibles are now

Seed & Smith’s New Flagship Location

If you didn’t know, Seed & Smith’s new flagship location in Louisville, Colorado opened in August. The Seed & Smith team has been working diligently to serve medical cannabis patients and guests from Denver, Boulder, Louisville, and all over Colorado. In this short blog post, we wanted to take a moment to share the spotlight with our dispensary team and budtenders who have been leading this new location’s success, as

3 C’s of Concentrates

Color, clarity, consistency 

Evaluation metric for concentrates

Educating on shatter and what to expect from the lab


Let’s talkabout the different types of cannabis concentrates. These desirable substances have been gaining in popularity year over year. Whether as a complement to flower or as a substitute, concentrates have evolved from basic extracts into a variety of live resin, rosin, and specialty extracts such as water hash. We also

Strain Spotlight: Lemoon Cake

Strain Name & Effect

It sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Lemoon Cake has burst onto the scene at Seed & Smith and has quickly become a staff favorite. When a bag of Lemoon Cake enters the room, you can’t miss it. The reason you ask? That fabulous pungent smell for one! This strain has quickly become known and loved by not only the Seed & Smith team but cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. 

Strain Spotlight: Kush Mints

Strain Name & Effect

If you’ve been paying attention to the cannabis industry this year, you’ve probably heard of Kush Mints. Originated by Seed Junky Genetics in Southern California, Kush Mints has exploded in popularity and can now be found here at Seed & Smith. We carry this popular strain in flower, dabbables, and in our Live Series DART pods!

Genetics & Cultivation

Kush Mints consists of

Seed & Smith x Big Gigantic Collab Article

The secret is out! We’ve collabed with the Big Gigantic team to innovate the market once again! A big thank you to Jeremey & Dom from Big Gigantic, two pioneers in the music space but most importantly two community leaders here in the Denver area—we couldn’t have put together such awesome products without you both! Without further ado, please welcome…

The BIG GIGANTIC DART! Your traditional DART battery just …

Best Hikes Near Louisville

Looking for some end-of-summer adventure? Do you like beautiful views and moving your body? We got you covered here in Louisville CO with its variety of amazing hiking trails. In fact, hiking may be one of Colorado’s biggest outdoor activities, and for a good reason; the incredible views and challenging treks along one of 58 of the 14ers. The Seed & Smith team has put together some of our favorite

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