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We Believe in Better Cannabis for Everyone

We’re happy to share our expertise! From processing and extraction services, to wholesale pre-pack products and industry-leading consultation, Seed & Smith is committed to bringing a better cannabis experience to everyone.

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Wholesale Cannabis Concentrates

Seed & Smith is all about perfecting the craft and advancing the cannabis industry. With attractively packaged wholesale products, Seed & Smith strives to be a well sought-after, top shelf product in all dispensaries. By offering both recreational and medical products without sacrificing quality, we strive to be your industry leader.

Wholesale Flower

At Seed & Smith, we pride ourselves in taking the road less traveled; by placing all our efforts on quality, not quantity. Our small-batch growing techniques allow us to give each plant our full attention, resulting in flavor and aromas that are rarely matched. The resulting top-shelf product oozes with the passion and hard work Seed & Smith puts into caring for each and every plant. Each strain is grown with the mindful approach of highlighting the unique flavors, aroma, and visual characteristics that make that specific strain special. Fill your dispensary shelves with guaranteed products from Seed & Smith to ensure you become an industry leader as well. Both medical and recreational product lines are grown, harvested, and packaged with the utmost care and consideration for the end consumer.

Wholesale Vaporizers

Seed & Smith believes that vape pens for cannabis concentrate can revolutionize the cannabis industry much in the same fashion that vaping did for the tobacco industry. Consumers are always looking for the next best thing, and Seed & Smith offers an entire line of incredible wholesale vape products that meet the same standards set across the board. With a diverse lineup of bulk vaporizer products, Seed & Smith is capable of providing any amount (volume, quantity, etc.) of the same excellent product to consumers throughout Colorado.

Extraction Processing

Seed & Smith offers premier cannabis processing and extraction services, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the highest quality product for your customers.


Carry the torch of the Cannabis Renaissance. Seed & Smith offers nationwide industry consultation, helping new businesses launch and existing businesses grow.

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