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The Seed & Smith DART 101

LIVE Series Dart Pod

So what is this ‘Next Generation of Cannabis Vaping’ that you’ve heard us talk about? It’s the Seed & Smith DART: a revolutionary new way to enjoy your cannabis concentrates–discreet, durable, and 100% cannabis. This cannabis vape won the 2019 Cannabis Cup category for vape pen and cartridge and there’s been no looking back ever since. If you haven’t heard about the DART, don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you quickly. By partnering with CCELL, a true leader in the vaping industry, we’ve officially combined the best technology with the best cannabis concentrates on the market. Don’t take our word for it though, see what real DART users have to say about it…


“My friend kept ripping this thing one night and gave me a hit. That night I tossed my 510 battery and never looked backed. If you like powerful, full flavor hits, the DART is a top 3 contender.”

Corbin, Denver, CO

“The Seed & Smith DART just doesn’t leave my side. I keep a rotation of 2-3 DART pods in play at all times. It’s easy to travel with and I’ve never had a problem taking it anywhere. My favorite pen.”

Layla, Golden, CO

“There’s a lot I could preach about with this sleek little vape. I’ll sum it up for you though: IT LIVES UP TO THE HYPE!!! I love the fact there’s not an app or buttons, just grip and rip it.”

Ava H., Eagle, CO

“Whenever I show up with my DART at family functions, friend outings, and pretty much any other social event, I instantly become the gravitational center of demand. Whether they’re a cannabis connoisseur like me, or an infrequent user, Seed & Smith’s DART appeals to pretty much all of my friends equally.”

Nick, Colorado Springs, CO

“Before I met the Seed & Smith DART, the vaping industry was getting stale. Pretty much the same tech, or fake tech, and subpar concentrates. I think the DART’s battery by CCELL speaks for itself, but I love how compact it is, the weight of it, and Seed & Smith’s concentrates are bar none. This thing is just a winning product and I’ll never go back to a 510 thread.”

Andre W., Denver, CO

“My go-to!! I love this vape and try to share with anyone and everyone, or at least I did before COVID times. But now it’s easy to just pop out a pod and let them try their own strain. Seed & Smith’s concentrates are amazing but their LIVE Series really are something special. Those terps though…”

Taylor, Grand Junction, CO


If you’d really like to know how the Seed & Smith Dart stacks up from a vape tech perspective, you’ve landed in the right spot of this short blog. In our DART, CCELL’s battery reigns supreme with a fast, full charge in just 90 minutes that will last you quite some time. How long? Well that depends on the size of each rip you take, but we can estimate around 200 pulls for the average vaper. We’re telling you, this battery has some serious endurance but also packs a punch on longer rips. The 3.7 Volt output pairs well with CCELL’s revolutionary ceramic heating element giving you the best flavor experience. Lastly, you can easily rotate through strains by swapping DART pods seamlessly as the Seed & Smith DART boasts an easy magnet attachment from battery to pod.


Strain specific cannabis derived terpenes are in each and every Seed & Smith DART pod. Whether it is one of our entry level pods or one of our LIVE Series pods, you’re guaranteed to experience a profound taste with each vape hit. For the most flavor, our LIVE Series pods deliver a rich, 100% pure cannabis experience with a higher potency of terpenes. No matter the pod or the cartridge, Seed & Smith stands behind our day one priority: the health of our customers, patients, & staff. That’s why there are no residual solvents, no artificial terpenes, no fillers, and nothing but 100% cannabis in every Seed & Smith DART pod. Welcome to the good life!


One of the first things you’ll notice when picking up your Seed & Smith DART is the weight. It’s not too heavy, but not too light — some would say perfectly dense. That feeling in your palm is powerful and it’s the result of the DART’s durable alloy casing and battery shape. We’ve actually seen DART’s fall from 2 stories up and work fine after, so yes, it is quite durable when it comes to normal everyday life. When you traditionally think of durable, you might think bulky with harsh corners for protection. Yet, this is quite the contrary for the Seed & Smith DART vape. It’s compact, sleek, and fits into your pocket or palm perfectly. The DART is also a non-trigger when passing through certain detection devices, for any house parties you go to with metal detectors… 😉

As noted, the pods slide in and slide out easily thanks to CCELL’s magnetic pod system. While gram pods full of our best cannabis concentrates are in R&D, currently the DART employs half gram pods. The half gram pods keep the cannabis oil combined at the perfect viscosity to avoid ‘extract separation’ like you’ll see in many other 510 thread cartridges. To ensure you don’t mix up your DART pods, we’ve included a tiny sticker with each pod’s packaging to help you stay organized by labeling them. There’s no apps, no buttons, & no complicated set-up process with the Seed & Smith DART either. This easy plug-n-play functionality is just one of the many intangible benefits of the DART.

Not convinced on this award-winning cannabis vape just yet? That’s okay! Next time you visit, ask any of our budtenders why it’s their favorite or ask a local Denverite for their feedback. If you have any questions on the Seed & Smith DART, email us at:

November 11, 2020
Product News
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