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Refined Live Resin Oil Debuting for Seed & Smith’s 710 Event!

While no state has been handed the crown as the king of cannabis concentrates, Colorado is certainly a leader in the marijuana extraction space. We may be slightly biased, but our team believes Colorado may be home to some of the best concentrates in the US! Part of what makes Denver & Colorado such a hotspot for cannabis concentrates is the cultivation environment and history of trailblazing extraction techniques endorsed by many expert concentrate producers here. With 7/10 right around the corner, Seed & Smith couldn’t be happier to debut an innovative concentrate product for this special holiday! For those who do not know, 7/10 is a cannabis holiday that represents the word, “OIL,” when it is reversed and flipped upside down.

Whether 7/10 is one of your favorite holidays of the year, or you just love concentrates, you’ll be thrilled to learn more about this limited edition product hitting our shelves in early July to celebrate 710! Seed & Smith’s refined live resin oil will have an unmatched, truly unique taste as well as a boost in potency thanks to our innovative extraction process.


How is Seed & Smith’s Refined Live Resin Oil Made?

So, what is refined live resin oil, you might be asking… that’s a great question! Refined live resin oil is similar to traditional live resin in many regards, however, there are some additional extraction processes and methods that focus on clarity and make all the difference in the final product. All Seed & Smith live resin oil starts with recently harvested, premium cannabis material that was flash frozen to preserve all of the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and additional compounds. After a carefully conducted hydrocarbon extraction, voilà–live resin oil is yielded.

Now begins the fun part, the refinement of the live resin oil. In this step, the Seed & Smith extraction team separates the THCa diamonds from the terpenes. Furthermore, we purify the concentrate material, stripping some of the unnecessary chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids from the originally extracted material. Seed & Smith’s refined live resin oil has a noticeably more potent profile due to the prominence of decarboxylated THCa diamonds, creating higher potency oil.

Speaking of the refined live resin oil’s profile, this is where the science gets truly gnarly! Seed & Smith’s extraction team employs a highly technical, low-temperature clarification process with the terpenes. This delicate process allows our extractors to capture and preserve the more volatile, rarer terpenes while also removing small impurities. Through this process, a more well balanced, aromatic fraction of the terpenes are yielded.

The last step in creating the final product is combining the two new fractions: the higher potency oil and the clarified terpenes–both being from the came cultivar so you get a true-to-strain experience. Here’s what one of our extraction specialists has to say about this process: “Unlike traditional distillate cartridges, our refined live resin cartridges are produced from fresh-frozen cannabis material, so the terpenes captured are more representative of the plant at harvest. We are able to retain the terpenes that truly define the uniqueness of each strain.”


Refined Live Resin Oil Cartridges

As you can tell by now, the process to produce the refined live resin oil in these limited edition cartridges is quite complex. As part of Seed & Smith’s mission to advance the product, these complexities are a fun aspect of creating a new, unbelievably tasty concentrate. As with all Seed & Smith concentrates, our refined live resin oil cartridges contain absolutely zero added filler or botanical terpenes. Seed & Smith’s concentrates are strain specific and this couldn’t hold more true for this limited edition 710 release of our live resin oil cartridges.

Seed & Smith refined live resin oil cartridges is a quality-over-quantity process that creates a magnificent, broad spectrum concentrate profile for a full entourage effect. The pinnacle of your experience when consuming this special refined live resin oil is certainly worthy of anyone’s 710 celebrations!


Awesome Benefits of Refined Live Resin Oil

Refined live resin oil sounds amazing, right? The Seed & Smith extraction team has worked tirelessly to perfect this craft, clarifying the terpene profiles, purifying the extracts, and augmenting the cultivar’s aromatic essence. Here’s your quick guide to what you can expect when consuming one of Seed & Smith’s new refined live resin oil cartridges:

  • A higher potency concentrate with a more true-to-strain experience
  • A well balanced terpene profile with unique flavors emphasized by the rarer, more volatile terpenes captured during this intense extraction process
  • A new entourage effect experience than you may be used to for a particular strain, as your endocannabinoid system may react differently to Seed & Smith’s refined live resin oil composition
  • A purified experience that one’s palate can detect, remember, and savor with every rip
  • A limited edition product whose hype lives up to the hype of 710’s festivities!

Seed & Smith is proud to announce the two cultivars we have chosen for these refined live resin oil cartridges after countless hours of research & development. Kush Mints, one of our most popular strains will be available as well as an absolutely breathtaking, newer cultivar–Super Star Fruit. For Kush Mints lovers, these refined live resin oil cartridges will blow your mind! Let us know if you notice the more recognizable notes of eucalyptol. For the cannabis concentrate connoisseurs really looking for a one-of-a-kind strain experience, Super Star Fruit refined live resin oil will light up your endocannabinoid system like never before.

As always, enjoy and consume responsibly! Please do share your feedback on these special cannabis cartridges with our team and have an excellent 7/10!

July 6, 2022
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