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Seed & Smith Louisville, Now Open!

Louisville Cannabis Dispensary tour

Seed and Smith’s Louisville cannabis dispensary is now open! This quaint suburb nestled between Denver and Boulder is truly a Colorado gem. People come to Louisville for its exceptional parks and hiking trails, fun monthly events and its family-friendly atmosphere. It’s no wonder it was rated by CNN/Money as the best place to live in the United States, not once–but twice! Louisville even boasts one of the top-rated public libraries in Colorado.

Seed and Smith was founded by native Coloradans, which makes opening our Louisville location special. We’re excited to serve exceptional cannabis and merchandise for both medicinal and recreational patrons alike. Our staff is looking forward to meeting customers from Boulder to Denver and everywhere in between. For those of you who haven’t experienced this beautiful and historical community, we are sharing our top picks of things to do. Come to our Louisville cannabis dispensary and see for yourself!

 We’ve paired a signature Seed & Smith strain to complement each activity and personalize your experience. 

Seed & Smith’s Top 7

1: Louisville Street Faire

Louisville’s historic downtown is well known for its community, tradition, and creativity, but this summertime event may be the most popular. Tasty food vendors, local musicians, immersive art and sundries line Louisville’s downtown Front St. Coloradans and tourists flock to this free event every year. If you’re in town you must check out the Lousiville’s Street Faire!

Recommended strain pairing

Tango or Grease Monkey: Depending on how your body reacts to different terpenes, both of these strains should spark an extroverted state of mind and kickstart your hunger.

2: Louisville Trails

Looking to explore Louisville on foot? Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are  32 miles of trails to hike, run, and bike. Catch us at the Davidson Mesa trailhead or the Coal Creek trail to Flagg park; two of our favorites for summer activities in Louisville!

Recommended strain pairing

Lemon Soul or Super Sour Lemon: You’ll want ample energy to tackle Louisville’s great outdoors. Both of these strains will boost your mental stimulation and physical energy to enhance your outdoor experience.

3: Louisville Farmers Market

Every Saturday, May 15th – October 9th, you can find Louisville’s Farmers Market in full swing from 9am – 1pm. Locally grown fruits, organic vegetables, free range meats and eggs, artisan breads, honey, coffee, baked goods, fresh salsas, pasta, natural body care, massages–you name it and this market has it!

Recommended strain pairing

Pinot Nova: A proprietary in-house Seed & Smith cultivar, Pinot Nova gives you a little bit of everything and will be a perfect catalyst to you being fully immersed in everything the market offers.

4: Old Louisville Inn

While there are many great breweries in Colorado, Old Louisville Inn is one of the originals. Tap into the local scene and a slice of history at the Old Louisville Inn. It doesn’t get more authentic than this!

Recommended strain pairing

Kush Mints: Because, why not? You’ll thoroughly enjoy the body high and catch a real buzz with one of Denver’s favorite strains.

5: Rabbit Hole Escape Room

Ever experienced an escape room?  If not, Louisville’s premier escape room will have you on the edge of your seat trying to solve its mind-twisting storylines. Bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes if you want to escape in time!

Recommended strain pairing

White 99: If you want to be on your A-game, White 99 should absolutely do the trick!

6: First Friday Art Walk

Louisville’s First Friday Art Walk event returns August 6th and September 3rd! Local artists gather to share their creations with fortunate eventgoers. Louisville’s monthly art walk has a pop-up style setup but also has art displays inside venues for everyone to discover.

Recommended strain pairing

Ice Cream Man: This strain will provide a middle of the road high, having you feeling just right the entire art walk. Expect a euphoric body sensation combined with a creative flame lighting up your mind.

7: NEW Seed & Smith dispensary!

How could we not add this to the list! The Seed & Smith team is beyond excited to open our newest shop in Louisville and soon to be our flagship store. If you’re an out of town visitor, be sure to let one of our budtenders know! 

Recommended strains

Some new strains we’d recommend are Malibu Sunrise, MAC1, Lemon Cake, Dosidos, or Tropicana Cookies. Or, try out one of the real Seed & Smith classics that have left a legacy in Denver like Midnite, Original Green Bud, and Purple Punch.

Louisville, Colorado is a must see community. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, there is always something to do. Be sure to stop by our new Louisville cannabis dispensary location where our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to greet you! 

August 17, 2021
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