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Seed & Smith’s New Flagship Location

If you didn’t know, Seed & Smith’s new flagship location in Louisville, Colorado opened in August. The Seed & Smith team has been working diligently to serve medical cannabis patients and guests from Denver, Boulder, Louisville, and all over Colorado. In this short blog post, we wanted to take a moment to share the spotlight with our dispensary team and budtenders who have been leading this new location’s success, as well as share updates on our Louisville location.

Familiar faces in the Louisville location:


Cody has a background in project management and joined the Seed and Smith team in 2020. Cody is a Colorado native and if he’s not on an adventure with his wife you can catch him at a local river wave surfing. Cody has been an avid Cannabis user for years and uses Cannabis as an alternative form of medicine as well as for fun.

Favorite strain & why? I love the Super Sour Lemon Dart Pods. The taste is phenomenal and you can really taste the citrus flavor in the concentrate. The Dart is also a great way to smoke it’s always a smooth hit that can go anywhere with you. One of the best ways to taste your favorite strains in my opinion.

Favorite Seed & Smith memory? One of my Favorite Seed and Smith memories would have to be when we had a store signing with Big Gigantic and all of the proceeds went to charity. It’s always great to be apart of something bigger and help out the community.


Sara started using recreational cannabis around 5 years ago as an alternative to prescription medications. Cannabis changed her life in so many that she decided to join the industry, and help others find the benefits of cannabis in their lives. Sara has been in the cannabis industry for 3 years, and with Seed & Smith for 1 year.

Favorite strain & why? Kush Mints – Kush Mints is the perfect indica for me! It has all the flavor I enjoy in a strain, but also makes me relaxed without putting me to sleep.

Favorite Seed & Smith memory? My favorite Seed & Smith memory would be opening up our new store in Louisville. It was so much fun to put the store together from the ground up. To see every stage that the store went through, up until our amazing grand opening. I can’t wait to do it again!


Hi! I’m Mel, my pronouns are they/them, and I owe my life to Cannabis. This plant has helped me so much with my mental health. I’ve also seen it help my friends and family members as well. I became motivated to join the industry, once it became legal. I moved from the north east to Oregon, and launched my career in 2015. After working in storefronts, on grows/MIPs, and even assisting in cannabis politics. In 2018, my life took me to colorful Colorado, and in 2021, I started working with Seed & Smith. In my downtime, I’m exploring the mountains with my dog, running my small gemstone and handmade jewelry business, and supporting local music and art.

Favorite strain & why? My favorite strain is Animal Cookies / Miracle Alien Cookies – the perfect hybrid strain that calms my anxiety, boosts my creativity and mood, and let’s me enjoy doing all the things I like to do pain free!

I get a lot of benefit from using all sorts of cannabis products, I even have some go-to combos. I have a strong preference for edibles and concentrates.

Favorite Seed & Smith memory? My favorite S&S memory is our Big Gigantic event! The limited edition dart pod is something to really write home about, in every way. Not to mention, a charitable event involving the arts, is something that I hold dear to my heart. What an awesome opportunity to make a positive impact in our local community! Truthfully, every day is a great memory. My coworkers are all amazing, intelligent people who feel like family, I’m excited to go to work every day and see what I can learn or share, what jokes will bring me joy today? It’s the best job EVER!


Hello, My name is Sergio and I’m a big music buff. I love going to concerts and going out to the clubs for a good drag show! I got into the cannabis industry because I truly enjoy helping people understand marijuana as well as cannabinoids. In my free time I enjoy crafting, sewing, gaming, or throwing on a record and enjoying a joint with some edibles. I’ve enjoyed partaking in cannabis for the last 17 years of my life. I have backgrounds in things from drag entertainment to hydraulic mechanics to customer service.

Favorite strain & why? Miracle Alien Cookies – it’s a very nice social giggly friendly high. I love going to hang out with friends and bringing a couple of MAC joints along because it helps make fun happy memories with friends. It’s also very enjoyable if you’re alone. It has such a very nice uplifting euphoric high that pairs with a great comedy movie or show.

Favorite Seed & Smith memory? My favorite Seed and Smith memory would be the picnics Matt Abbey and I had when we first started getting ready to open up shop in Louisville. 


With a background in Hospitality and Tourism, Kyle started working at Seed and Smith in August of 2021. An avid cannabis user for over 20 years, one of Kyle’s favorite Seed and Smith strains is the Lemoon Cake. This flower carries with it flavors lemon, and vanilla buttercream. The high is very euphoric and social. 

Favorite Seed & Smith memory? My favorite Seed and Smith memory was working the Big Gigantic concert at Red Rocks. It was great to get out and about letting the community know about the charity and our new shop.


New Seed & Smith Louisville Dispensary look

While our state-of-the-art facility in Denver surely has some impressive characteristics, our new Louisville dispensary is quite the shop. If you are looking for us in Louisville, we are right by the King Soopers off of Hecla Way. Or if you are looking for one of the best dispensaries near Boulder, our flagship marijuana dispensary is just 15 minutes or so from Boulder. As soon as you enter our new cannabis dispensary, you will see our welcome area.

Seed & Smith apparel has never looked so good, right? We’ve got a few limited edition items from our Grower’s Choice & Extractor’s Choice collections left too! If you’re looking for a classic piece of Seed & Smith gear for winter, we have some merch you’re going to love as well.

This picture of Taylor (@lifteddladies) makes us want to roll a joint of our favorite flower and get warm & cozy at home. 

Merch, sweet apparel, books, and cannabis paraphernalia line the shelves of our flagship dispensary in Louisville, but that’s not all that’s on shelves…

With a much higher demand at our Louisville location over the last few months, we’ve made it a priority to stock shelves with our best products. These include new flower strains that have been winning hearts such as Lemoon Cake, Pinot Nova, Orange Creamsicle, & more! It also includes Seed & Smith classic strains like Midnite, Tango, & White 99. We’ve also been expanding our product selection when it comes to concentrates, edibles, & topicals. At our Louisville cannabis dispensary you will find many of your staple live resins, waxes, and shatters, but also many new strain varieties and blends. At Seed & Smith, we are always seeking feedback from our loyal patrons and patients; if there are any edible or topical products you want us to stock, please let us know!

When visiting our dispensary in Louisville, you will notice the open layout in both the lobby area and while shopping for cannabis. We wanted to create a vibrant, yet modern feel in this Louisville dispensary while keeping the space open and accessible. For example, you can be sure to see four long tables in the middle of the store that house some of our best products, such as the Seed & Smith DART. If you haven’t been able to visit yet, here’s a bit of a sneak peek:

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t been able to visit our new flagship location in Louisville, we’d love to have you soon. All first time guests at this location will receive a complimentary 10% off one item, good through the end of the year!

And, if our Louisville dispensary is your new favorite, definitely let us know! Share your feedback with us by emailing or filling out this form:

December 14, 2021
Cannabis News  |  Colorado News
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