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Charitable Giving In 2020

Food Drive Montbello 20/20 is seed and smith charitable giving

Seed & Smith is much more than an innovative cannabis company rooted in Denver, Colorado. We pride ourselves on world class cultivation practices, from seed to sale. Our products are top of the line, from flower and concentrates, to the Seed & Smith DART. And yet, what we are most proud of is our community.

Seed & Smith was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2014. We built a custom state of the art cannabis production and extraction facility and had our first harvest in 2016. There is a dispensary attached to our facility so you can find Seed & Smith products directly at the source.

We have had a great experience working with people all over the state of Colorado for the last 5 years! We are proud to be a part of such a great community of caring people.

Building Colorado Together

The local Denver community has been nothing but kind to us, and we look for every opportunity to give back. This year alone, we have helped through financial donations to local charities and food banks, providing paid performances for local musicians during the COVID-19 crisis, and commissioned artwork from local artists to enhance some of our product lines.

Earlier this year, Seed & Smith became a trusted partner of Leaf411–a cannabis hotline with specialty nurses and health practitioners for cannabis advice. Developing resources for medical marijuana patients & cannabis users did not stop there though; as our tours were closed for COVID-19 safety precautions, we launched our Virtual Tour series to continue educating the masses about cannabis cultivation and the industry. We also partnered with Conscious Alliance to provide meals for low income families, pandemic assistance, & cooked meals for disadvantaged children without public school food.

Our latest community initiative is lending a hand to our local neighborhood, and we need your help! The COVID-19 crisis has put a great deal of stress on a very large number of people, and it has hit especially hard in our own backyard. There are many people in our neighborhood of Montbello that do not have all the food they need to eat every day.

That’s exactly why we’ve started our weekly food drive initiative, our charitable giving in action! Every Wednesday, we will be partnering with Montbello 20/20 to donate and volunteer by providing food to our local community.

We need your help to make this happen! Please bring your canned goods or non-perishable items to our marketplace’s reception area, where you will see our collection box, and drop them off. You will feel great about your donation, the food will go to people in our neighborhood, and as a bonus, if you donate, you’ll get a little something on the house!

Here’s what you’ll get if you donate: Seed & Smith Pre-rolls

1-5 items: 0.5g joint

5-20 items: Two 0.5g joints

20+ items: A Seed & Smith joint pack (3.5g)


When it comes to charitable giving, every little bit counts, and every cannabis dispensary can help. Whether you give one can or twenty cans, your donation is greatly appreciated by us and the Denver community. Thank you!

December 15, 2020
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