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Best Hikes Near Louisville

Looking for some end-of-summer adventure? Do you like beautiful views and moving your body? We got you covered here in Louisville CO with its variety of amazing hiking trails. In fact, hiking may be one of Colorado’s biggest outdoor activities, and for a good reason; the incredible views and challenging treks along one of 58 of the 14ers. The Seed & Smith team has put together some of our favorite hikes near the Louisville area, of course giving you local insights into the outdoor scene.

Best Hikes Near Louisville, CO

But first! Let’s set the backdrop…Louisville is located close to Boulder (20 minutes) and Rocky Mountain National Park (1 hour 10 minutes). Because of this, you are literally surrounded by options! Now, let’s get started with just a few of Seed & Smith’s favorite picks near Louisville! 

Chautauqua Park

A true hub for some of Boulder’s closest hikes, Chautauqua Park is known for its beautiful views of the Flat Irons and the Royal Arch. The Flat Irons 1 & 2 and Royal Arch can be quite the uphill challenge with a good amount of elevation gain. If you are up for it, the view at the top is spectacular! Now if you’re looking for a less challenging adventure, Chautauqua Park also has several trails that offer less incline without detracting from the beautiful views. Win WIn!

Eldorado Canyon

Although Eldorado Canyon boasts world-renowned rock climbing, here’s another reason we have this on our favorite list. This pet-friendly hiking area provides wonderful views of the Continental Divide and on a clear day, it’s a fascinating sight!  If you’re not hiking to rock climb, take notice of the steep red cliffs and keep your eyes out for wildlife. For a moderately rated hike in Eldorado Canyon, we’d recommend Rattlesnake Gulch Trail which is a 3.6-mile trail you can hawk down in 2-3 hours.

Lost Lake via Hessie Trailhead

Looking for a summer hike but not a huge fan of the sun? Lost Lake will do just the trick! Not only because of its beautiful alpine lakes but also because you’ll have shaded coverage while hiking. This hike is a bit further from Louisville, but well worth the view at the top. This hike is 4.4 miles, rated as moderate, and is just past Nederland, CO.  This trek makes for a fun afternoon trip but pack a light jacket and some snacks for this hike!

Mt. Sanitas

One of the most popular hikes near Louisville, CO happens to be in your backyard. Approximately 25 minutes away, Mt. Sanitas provides several trail options, exceptional views of the front range, and has a unique history. Known as, “Everyone’s Mountain,” this open space became quite popular in the early 20th century when Dr. John Harvey Kellogg set up shop here for tuberculosis patients.

Colorado Hiking Tips


Whether you are newer to the Colorado hiking scene or a true veteran, keep these things in mind:

  • Plan your routes beforehand and take a look at the weather forecast to identify any later afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Bring your Camelbak or plenty of water! These Colorado summers are hot and the aridness can take a toll on your hydration levels.
  • Pack snacks! That Clif bar will come in hand once you’ve made it to the summit or you’re midway through a long loop trail. Burning calories is guaranteed so again we say, pack snacks!
  • Keep Colorado beautiful–and its trails! This goes beyond littering of course… for our tokers, please no open flames while hiking. Save that Seed & Smith pre-roll for later and instead pack a DART if you want!

Favorite Seed & Smith Strains For Hiking

Here at Seed & Smith, we are no strangers to rolling up or taking a dab before a hike, in fact, we feel it adds an element of connection with nature. Whether you’re hiking with friends, trekking along a trail with headphones, or setting out with your dog, we’ve got a few strain suggestions to amplify your hiking experience:

  • White 99: this award-winning strain provides a cerebral boost and can amplify any outdoors activity Colorado has to offer
  • Tango: A true classic Seed & Smith cultivar and one of our proudest creations, Tango is known to stimulate the mind without impairing functionality
  • Super Sour Lemon: Another in-house strain that never lets us down for outdoor activities is Super Sour Lemon! If you’re looking for extra energy, you’ve found the right flower
  • Mimosa: Supplying an uplifting sense of euphoria combined with a clear sense of focus, Mimosa is well suited for many different daytime adventures
  • Golden Lemons: A rarer, proprietary Seed & Smith strain that is a wonderful addition to on-the-go consumers, Golden Lemons can provide a well-balanced euphoria that pairs well with a nice evening hike near Louisville
September 15, 2021
Smith’s Column
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