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April Product Spotlight: Infused Pre-Rolls & Dialed In Gummies

April is well underway, and we have had some great promotions so far! From Cheeba Chews to Dialed In and Koda, if you’re looking for some 4/20 deals, Seed & Smith is first on the list. To see all of our April deals, check out our 4/20 Calendar on our
promotions page!


Amongst all of our incredible vendors, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on our

Dry January or T-Break January?

Dry January or T-Break January? How to live your healthiest life in the first month of the year!


What is Dry January? This is a relatively new term that has been floating around the last several years alluding to the abstinence from alcohol for the 31 days of January. In 2012, the British charity group Alcohol Change UK launched the Dry January initiative as a way to promote “ditching

Best Hikes Near Louisville

Looking for some end-of-summer adventure? Do you like beautiful views and moving your body? We got you covered here in Louisville CO with its variety of amazing hiking trails. In fact, hiking may be one of Colorado’s biggest outdoor activities, and for a good reason; the incredible views and challenging treks along one of 58 of the 14ers. The Seed & Smith team has put together some of our favorite

Infused Holiday Cookies

Taylor is back with another truly delicious dessert recipe! For this Infused Sugar Cookies Recipe, you can choose to infuse it with your favorite Seed & Smith strain’s cannabutter wax weed, or eat them sans-cannabis. And what’s not to love about infused holiday cookies? Celebrate the holidays and have a little fun while you’re having a little fun. Taylor adapted this recipe from one of Sally’s Baking Addiction recipes.

Joints 101

Howdy folks! Welcome to our new monthly column, where we’ll be talking about everything cannabis, from growing plants to smoking doobies. When we were younger, we had a gang of crazy names: doobs, spliffs, swirly tops, hog legs, bambinos, bats. Today, they are simply a pre-roll. Destined to be a forever ritual for the everyday headie and a way to scrape the bottom of the jar (literally) for many dispensaries.

Part 2: The Entourage Effect

Welcome to part two of our series on the different types of cannabis and the effects they have. In Part 1, indica vs. sativa, we discussed some of the basics of the cannabis plant, including the differences between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, the effects of the cannabinoids found in these strains, and how they make you feel mentally and physically.

In Part 2, we will go over the …

Is Vaping Cannabis Dangerous

Recent Controversy

You may have heard about the controversy surrounding vaping sweeping the nation. Reports from all over are warning of the dangers of vaping, whether that is electronic cigarettes or marijuana pens. Many people are asking “is vaping cannabis dangerous?”

As of last week, there have been more than 450 possible cases of lung illness associated with using e-cigarettes reported to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) across

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