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Joints 101

Seed & Smith Preroll Package

Howdy folks! Welcome to our new monthly column, where we’ll be talking about everything cannabis, from growing plants to smoking doobies. When we were younger, we had a gang of crazy names: doobs, spliffs, swirly tops, hog legs, bambinos, bats. Today, they are simply a pre-roll. Destined to be a forever ritual for the everyday headie and a way to scrape the bottom of the jar (literally) for many dispensaries.

In this edition, we’re talking about joints! Historically, joints have been the go-to form of consuming cannabis. They are portable, disposable, shareable, and provide you with the most recognizable flower taste of cannabis. 

When done right, a joint can be one of the best smoking experiences you can have. It’s easy to share with friends, tastes great, and gives you the traditional smoking experience. But when things go wrong, it can get ugly. We’ve all seen the infamous ‘canoe’, where one side of your joint starts to burn quicker than the other. We’ve also seen a loose joint which just burns way too fast, wasting your precious herb and making sure you aren’t on roll duty in your friend group anymore. Not to mention, the ill-timed hit combined with an iffy filter resulting in a strange tasting scooby snack.

Let’s delve into some good practices to avoid these joint mishaps and keep your smoking vibe on point.

Take Care of Your Joints

We’re not talking about your creaky knees, we’re talking about our little sticks of joy. Whether you rolled your own joints or bought some pre-rolls, it’s important to make sure you take care of your joints so that they’re ready to be smoked at a moment’s notice. Avoid putting them in a loose pocket where they could get damaged.

Storing Your Joints

First off, you want to make sure that your packaging is keeping your joints relatively dry, but not too dry. You don’t want your flower to get all brittle and burn unevenly do you? We recommend a small, insulated container such as our pre-roll package, or a ziploc bag in a drawer. This will allow your joints to stay safe from dehydration. 

Most of the time, if you can store your joints vertically, you’ll have a much better time when you decide to pull one of them out. Storing them upright helps keep them “packed”, providing a nice, even burn. 

How to Light Your Joint

When you finally decide to spark up, make sure you light the joint properly so that you get that nice, even burn we all love. The important thing to remember here is to be patient. Don’t just stick your joint into your mouth and start puffing! Instead, rotate your joint around with your thumb and index finger when lighting it so that you can control the initial burn. While everyone has their own method of lighting a joint, the important thing is to start with an even cherry so your joint burns properly.

The Seed & Smith Pre-Roll Pack

The Seed & Smith pre-roll pack was created with the ultimate consumer experience in mind for smoking a joint. We first addressed a big problem joint lovers have: traveling with your precious cargo. Our pre-roll packaging is designed to be durable, air-tight, and discreet, so put your worries to rest when it comes to bringing joints with you on adventures. Easy to open and store, you’ll be thoroughly pleased with the sleek packaging outfit.

When you roll a joint at home, there’s a strong chance you’re using whole nugs of flower. Why should we or anyone else roll them differently? Each Seed & Smith pre-roll has full marijuana flower–no trim, no shake. Just some of the best nugs from your favorite strains nestled into an all natural paper. It’s no secret that other dispensaries cut corners when it comes to pre-rolls and we decided to make a stand for our beloved joints. 

How did something this simple–rolling a joint–become this groundbreaking? We stayed true to our roots and abided by the cannabis community’s standards. We never compromise, so why should you?

Thanks for reading! Remember, we’re going to be talking about things YOU want to hear about! Send us an email, DM, or comment on what we should cover next, and if we choose your topic, we’ll send you a little something on the house. Cheers!

August 10, 2020
Cannabis Education  |  Smith’s Column
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