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April Product Spotlight: Infused Pre-Rolls & Dialed In Gummies

April is well underway, and we have had some great promotions so far! From Cheeba Chews to Dialed In and Koda, if you’re looking for some 4/20 deals, Seed & Smith is first on the list. To see all of our April deals, check out our 4/20 Calendar on our
promotions page!


Amongst all of our incredible vendors, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on our new in-house creation—infused pre-rolls!


Seed & Smith Infused Pre-rolls

As expected, Seed & Smith does not cut any corners when it comes to our pre-rolls. Every Seed & Smith pre-roll is made with the same high quality, small-batch growing techniques as our standalone flower. We don’t use shake or trim in our pre-rolls and never use pesticides or inorganic materials in our growing process.


This year, we decided to take our pre-rolls to the next level. Mixing two products together can be a tricky process. Extensive testing was done to make sure we did this perfectly with our infused pre-rolls. Each infused pre-roll comes with 1.25g of fresh Seed & Smith flower and 0.25g of Seed & Smith Live Resin. These strains are matched with each other, meaning if you get a Lemoon Cake infused pre-roll, both the flower and Live Resin inside will be Lemoon Cake. To learn more about our Live Resin processes, click here.


This combination is sure to give you the best of both worlds for flower and concentrate connoisseurs. All April long, get 2 of these infused pre-rolls for just $20! Did we mention we’re keeping it green by using recyclable packaging?


Dialed In Gummies

Also available this month for a great deal are Dialed In Gummies! Dialed In is revolutionizing the edible game with their rosin gummies. If you are unfamiliar with Rosin, put simply, it is a type of cannabis concentrate that doesn’t use chemicals or solvents during the extraction process. Instead, a combination of heat and pressure is used in order to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids naturally, with minimal loss.


Dialed In uses a proprietary sous vide method in order to maximize the potency and flavor profile of their edibles, using terpenes and coloring from real fruits and vegetables. All gummies are fat free, gluten free, and low sodium, so you don’t have to feel as guilty eating these delicious, full spectrum infused treats. This process is not simple by any means, but results in quality that is hard to match.


For those who want to learn more about what they are consuming, Dialed In has an extremely extensive tracking and reporting system in place that is accessible by anyone with a smartphone thanks to the handy QR code on all Dialed In packaging. Scanning this QR code will give you all the information you need about your batch of edibles, including photos, lab reports, hash maker notes, and even more. Pretty cool!

When we partnered with Dialed In, we decided to go all in and use three of our best in-house strains at Seed & Smith: Lemoon Cake, Kush Mints and Tango. Seed & Smith veterans will instantly recognize these strains; newbies, you’re in for a great experience.


April is just a taste of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Seed & Smith. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate, improve, and partner with like minded brands in order to create consistently high quality products for our consumers and patients. Happy 4/20!

April 14, 2022
Cannabis News  |  Smith’s Column
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