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The Best Cannabis Experience In Colorado

Marijuana Grow Tour Colorado

Denver’s Cannabis Experience Like No Other

So you’re coming to visit Colorado for your upcoming vacation and your looking to have some fun and have the best cannabis experience in Colorado? Maybe you are coming in for the skiing or maybe it’s the hiking that has brought you The Centennial State. Or you’re a foodie and coming to explore new territory with a western feel to it. And how could we not forget about Colorado’s cannabis? You too may be one of the many individuals who are visiting Colorado to check out the marijuana scene. While Denver is not the only airport in Colorado, it is the busiest by far as the metropolis serves as a great hub to connect to other parts of Colorado. Denver visitors interested in cannabis tourism are in luck — our state of the art cannabis facility is home to one of the best cannabis tours in the state of Colorado according to Forbes. We’d have to agree with them. Located just 20 minutes from the Denver Airport on your way into the city, Seed & Smith is a perfect first stop to get you acquainted with cannabis in Denver!

Be sure to find a cannabis dispensary near you and be on your way to having the best cannabis experience in Colorado!

About Denver’s Best Cannabis Tour

Seed & Smith is a vertically integrated grow operation, extraction facility, and dispensary. Our 30,000 SqFt property is where we offer free cannabis tours to those curious to learn more about cannabis cultivation. We take you behind the scenes on our cannabis tour to show you how cannabis is grown, harvested, processed, extracted, and packaged. We believe that transparency in our processes allows our guests to feel comfortable with the products they purchase. Ultimately, as cannabis consumers, we should all strive to understand how the cannabis we use is safe, consistent, and made to the highest standards. This interactive, all-inclusive marijuana grow tour shows you the cannabis process from beginning to end. Take pictures, laugh with friends, and make memories on a tour you’ll never forget! All of our tour-goers are welcome to a special discount in the marketplace where you can get advice from our expert cannabis associates about what items might help you become the best you!

Just as you like to know what’s in the foods you eat, this tour will reveal how it’s important to understand what goes into the cannabis you use. Through our cannabis grow tour and our continued commitment to supporting cannabis education, we hope to pave the way for a new standard of marijuana cultivation transparency.

See The Cannabis Cup Winner For Yourself

As you may have seen, the High Times Cannabis Cup returned to Denver for the first time in two years in November. As an active member of the Colorado cannabis community, we were excited to sponsor the event and network with other like-minded professionals, cannabis advocates, and cannabis users. We were extremely proud to walk away with a 1st place win in the vape pen & cartridge category thanks to the revolutionary Seed & Smith Dart. The cartridge we submitted into the Cannabis Cup was our new Super Sour Lemon Live Terp Sauce pod.

Cannabis Cup Winner

The 2019 Cannabis Cup Denver winner of the Vape Pens & Carts category: The Seed & Smith Dart.

With these new Live Series products in high demand, we are working diligently to produce as many as possible. If you come by for one of our facility cannabis grow tours, there is a good chance you will see our chemists hard at work in the extraction lab working on these products. Many visitors find that visiting a grow tour is the best cannabis experience in Colorado. Our Live Series cannabis extracts and distillate oil are made with 100% cannabis just like the rest of our cannabis products. We often are asked this question after a series of vaping health concerns stories gained national attention. With our facility on display to the world and nothing to hide, our cannabis tour is the perfect way to see exceptional cannabis cultivation for yourself!

Innovating The Market

Here at Seed & Smith, we do things differently. How they should be done. We will continue to pioneer new cannabis cultivation methodologies to deliver high quality products to our community. We will continue to advocate for greater cannabis education. We will continue to place our customers’ health and wellness above all other priorities. Gold in, gold out, with a whole lot of passion in all of our processes.

For more information about booking your Seed & Smith marijuana tour, don’t hesitate to contact us so you can have the best cannabis experience in Colorado.

December 3, 2019
Colorado News  |  Product News
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