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Wholesale Flower

Wholesale Flower

At Seed & Smith, we pride ourselves in taking the road less traveled; by placing all our efforts on quality, not quantity. Our small-batch growing techniques allow us to give each plant our full attention, resulting in flavor and aromas that are rarely matched. The resulting top-shelf product oozes with the passion and hard work Seed & Smith puts into caring for each and every plant. Each strain is grown with the mindful approach of highlighting the unique flavors, aroma, and visual characteristics that make that specific strain special. Fill your dispensary shelves with guaranteed products from Seed & Smith to ensure you become an industry leader as well. Both medical and recreational product lines are grown, harvested, and packaged with the utmost care and consideration for the end consumer.

Seed & Smith

Additionally, as Seed & Smith strives to create a welcoming and reliable brand, we are completely transparent. Seed & Smith hopes to redefine the entire experience of purchasing wholesale flower by opening the doors to anyone wishing to offer these recreational and medicinal products on their shelves.

For more information regarding our wholesale division or to inquire about a private, behind-the-scenes tour of our grow harvest, extraction, and packaging process …


Seed & Smith is building the best practices for safety, compliance, and product consistency to become the #1 trusted brand in wholesale cannabis in colorado. We have made an organizational promise from top to bottom to produce and package only the highest quality product with the highest possible level of dedication and responsibility.…


There is no secret that people come first in business, and Seed & Smith has made it a mission to sustain a position as the most trusted cannabis supplier in the industry. Our products are nothing less than perfection when it comes to growing high-quality indoor flower for recreational and medicinal dispensary needs.…


Seed & Smith maintains licenses at all levels of the cannabis growing, manufacturing, and distribution process.…


Without a high-quality plant, few can hope for a high-quality end product. Seed & Smith uses an indoor grow that is free from all harsh chemicals, fertilizers, or any pesticides that might be found elsewhere.…


Every single product that comes from the Seed & Smith line is contained within child-resistant packaging that go above and beyond all regulations.…

In early 2014 we came together to build an innovative company focused on two things: creating exceptional cannabis products and demonstrating our passion and our process for doing so. We began by rehabbing an old forklift manufacturing facility, turning a dated industrial space into a state of the art production campus that’s open to the public. Welcome to Seed & Smith. Here we meld science and love in our quest to trigger a renaissance in cannabis.


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