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Wholesale Cannabis Concentrates

Wholesale Cannabis Concentrates

Seed & Smith is all about perfecting the craft and advancing the cannabis industry. With attractively packaged wholesale products, Seed & Smith strives to be a well sought-after, top shelf product in all dispensaries. By offering both recreational and medical products without sacrificing quality, we strive to be your industry leader.


By doing so, our artisanal wholesale concentrate and vaporizer lines deliver unparalleled flavor, consistency, and quality to both medical and recreational consumers. Seed & Smith concentrates offer a perfectly handcrafted product that can only be classified as an ultra-top shelf experience. With incredible strain varieties of wholesale cannabis concentrates, distillate, shatter & wax, Seed & Smith provides great diversity without sacrificing quality. Each product is meticulously developed to best represent …


Seed & Smith is passionate about delivering wholesale concentrates that are innovative, competitive, and safely produced. Our distillates are created using wiped film short path distillation. This reliable process increases surface area to allow for optimized heat exchange by the wiping action of the oil through a heated still body. The increased surface area of oil allows for high throughput with lower temperatures. The end result of wiped film short …

Seed & Smith

As Seed & Smith strives to create a welcoming and reliable brand, we are completely transparent. We hope to redefine the entire experience of purchasing wholesale concentrates by opening the doors to anyone wishing to offer these recreational and medicinal products on their shelves.

For more information regarding our wholesale division or to inquire about a private, behind-the-scenes tour of our grow harvest, extraction, and packaging process, please contact our …

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