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Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Employment of a closed loop extraction system allows for the re-use of extraction solvent, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Extraction solvents include n-butane and propane blends specific to each product line. In addition to fuel blends, extraction parameters such as temperature, time, and feed materials are chosen to produce specific consistencies of extract. Consistent and precise downstream processing for each product ensures complete removal of any residual extraction solvents, providing the highest quality extract possible.

Seed and Smith takes great pride in strain specific production batches, meaning every extract carries the exact terpene profile as the feed material. This extraction philosophy carries through every process, boasting strain specific products lines of every variety.

In early 2014 we came together to build an innovative company focused on two things: creating exceptional cannabis products and demonstrating our passion and our process for doing so. We began by rehabbing an old forklift manufacturing facility, turning a dated industrial space into a state of the art production campus that’s open to the public. Welcome to Seed & Smith. Here we meld science and love in our quest to trigger a renaissance in cannabis.


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