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By doing so, our artisanal wholesale concentrate and vaporizer lines deliver unparalleled flavor, consistency, and quality to both medical and recreational consumers. Seed & Smith concentrates offer a perfectly handcrafted product that can only be classified as an ultra-top shelf experience. With incredible strain varieties of wholesale cannabis concentrates, distillate, shatter & wax, Seed & Smith provides great diversity without sacrificing quality. Each product is meticulously developed to best represent the strain of flower it is derived from and the same dedication is applied to both recreational and medicinal product lines.

Our extracts contain only the purest and most potent THC or THCA. They are even crafted in a way that preserves the immaculate strain-specific terpene profile. We use varying flower strains for a reason, and we are mindful of maintaining the rich flavors and aromas that are unique to the flower they are created from.

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