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Seed & Smith x Big Gigantic Collab Article


The secret is out! We’ve collabed with the Big Gigantic team to innovate the market once again! A big thank you to Jeremey & Dom from Big Gigantic, two pioneers in the music space but most importantly two community leaders here in the Denver area—we couldn’t have put together such awesome products without you both! Without further ado, please welcome…

The BIG GIGANTIC DART! Your traditional DART battery just got an upgrade with a 1 gram pod of the Big Gigantic team’s favorite concentrates. Together, we’re introducing limited-edition Big Gigantic DART pods: Orange Creamsicle & Purple Lemons. These never before seen pods hit the shelves on September 18th, just in time for Rowdytown IX with Big Gigantic at Red Rocks on September 25th. 100% profits go to support the #ABigGiganticDifference Foundation to create positive change in our local Colorado communities.

Now for a little more information on these rare DART pods that Big Gigantic selected; be ready for a heavy impact of flavor.

Purple Lemons — this one-of-a-kind live concentrate is a blend of Purple Punch & Golden Lemons. For those that don’t know already, the Seed & Smith cultivation team has truly perfected our Purple Punch phenotype. Purple Punch is a cross of Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple that boasts a peculiar blueberry muffin aroma. Purple Punch provides a well-balanced sensation, starting behind your eyes and extending to comfort every inch of your body. This strain is potent and known to help with restlessness, nausea, and mitigating stress. Golden Lemons on the other hand tends to leave a sizzling euphoria throughout one’s body. True to its roots (Lemon Skunk x Kosher Kush), this cultivar does not hold back its citrusy, distinctly herbal scent.

By blending these two strains, we’ve created a perfect middle-of-the-road high. Citrus notes followed by deep grape flavors on the back end create a unique taste of fruit punch. While the sedative effects can be felt, one’s mind can detect a healthy level of buzzing stimulation. Purple Lemons is a spectacular post-dinner aperitif that will be enjoyed by nearly all smokers regardless of your traditional preferences.

Orange Creamsicle — Hailing from Juicy Fruit and Orange Crush, this hybrid strain certainly gifts users with a kick of innate euphoria and uplifting effects. A medical patient go-to for treating chronic anxiety and even nausea, Orange Creamsicle inspires a bubbly, energetic mood that is excellent for daytime events. Or, one might say, this strain is ideal for events such as Rowdytown at Red Rocks! You know what the Big Gigantic team will have locked and loaded in their DARTs come the eve of September 25th. This flower is a heavy producer, frosted all over, and known for loud citrus aromas.

The Seed & Smith team couldn’t have chosen two better pods to launch with the Big Gigantic duo. It’s safe to say that cannabis lovers will find a real gem in these limited edition, LIVE series DART pods.

September 22, 2021
Cannabis News
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