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Archive : Indica Hybrid


Chem Dawg x True OG

One of the original strains in our line-up, Diagonal provides a robust terpene palate with good amounts of Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene and linalool. Named for the highway between Boulder and Longmont, this strain is a true Coloradan, this mellow and cerebral hybrid features crisp evergreen notes with streaks of purple and blue to match. Pairs well with sunshine and fresh mountain air.

Potency Range:

Gelly Roll

Gelato #33 x I-95

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is a sweet tasting strain. While there are some undertones of lime and pine, a majority of this strain is dedicated to a funky floral bouquet. The effects are light and comforting for physical ailments that allow for focus and energy.

Potency Range:

15.19 – 20.73

Dominant Terpene:

Check back soon…

Subordinate Terpenes:

Check back soon……

Golden Lemons

Lemon Skunk x Kosher Kush

This strain carries several limonene terpenes inside the trichome covered flowers. The resinous buds deliver a euphoric high without being overly cerebral or causing drowsiness making it perfect for a day on the slopes or on the couch.

Potency Range:

16.85 – 23.08

Dominant Terpene:


Subordinate Terpenes:



d-limonene / alpha-Pinene…

Ice Cream Man

Jet Fuel Gelato x Legend Orange Apricot

Each inhale brings on tastes of sweet berries and fruits alongside sharp citrus and peppery fuel. The aroma is very peppery and herbal with a fruity overtone that sweetens the more that you toke. The Ice Cream Man high is just as tantalizing as the flavor, with effects that hit both mind and body. It starts with a fast-acting euphoria that slams into …

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