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In early 2014 we came together to build an innovative company focused on two things: creating exceptional cannabis products and demonstrating our passion and our process for doing so. We began by rehabbing an old forklift manufacturing facility, turning a dated industrial space into a state-of-the-art production campus that is open to the public. Here we meld science and love in our quest to trigger a revolution in cannabis. As we strive to create the standard by which cannabis is judged, we have made it a pillar of our model to develop a system that treats education surrounding cannabis with great care and factual information.

We have developed our tour to meet the needs of our patients and consumers who have questions about how cannabis is grown and processed. This information is key to understanding the benefits of cannabis and what it can do for you. We are pleased to partner with Leaf411 to bring a new version of our tour to the virtual realm. While the world is going through strong changes, we feel that continuing this process is important for all of us and we hope you join us. Experience the difference with Seed & Smith.



The nonprofit Leaf411 cannabis nurse hotline is a free service providing education and directional support to the public about the safe use of legal cannabis (marijuana and hemp). At Leaf411, we challenge the status quo of the American health care system, where affordability and accessibility are often barriers to quality health care. These same challenges prevent many people from accessing safe, legal cannabis medicine.

Leaf411’s partnership with American Medical Refugees is an important step forward as we continue to grow and innovate new programs to help serve the underserved, including our new Affordability Program. In the coming months, we’re launching special events like our exclusive tour with Seed & Smith, as well as partnerships with cannabis manufacturers to provide high-quality marijuana and CBD hemp products at deep discounts to qualifying patients.



AMR connects cannabis patients and their families to provide education, mutual support and updates on important legislation that impacts patients’ ability to access legal cannabis. AMR was founded by Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hiterbran and Jason Hilterbran after they moved to Colorado to legally access life-restoring cannabis for their son when traditional therapies failed. They realized many other families faced similar challenges and formed AMR, which currently has over 2,400 members from around the world with over 400 of those members being in the state of Colorado.

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