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Denver’s Best Cannabis Tour Reopens!

Seed & Smith’s iconic facility tour has reopened to the public after a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, our team reevaluated the cannabis grow tour to see how we could improve Colorado’s best marijuana grow tour experience. We wanted to discover how we could showcase more of our products, amplify the tour stop at our extraction lab, and ultimately provide greater education to any tour-taker. We are proud to announce that our 40 minute, guided tour has been revamped and is fully open to anyone looking to learn more about cannabis cultivation, cannabis extraction, and more!


A History of Seed & Smith’s Cannabis Grow Tours

In 2016, when Seed & Smith was founded, our organizing members wanted to lead a cannabis renaissance that was created with transparency at the forefront of everything we do. What better way to embrace transparency as the currency of trust than by opening our doors to the public–including how Seed & Smith cultivates, extracts, and packages cannabis? Thus, the concept of a public-accessible marijuana grow tour evolved from a whiteboard project into a passion project. The Seed & Smith team purchased and revitalized a large forklift-warehousing facility not long after. In 2019, we opened our first location in Denver that includes a recreational marijuana dispensary, medical marijauna dispensary, and of course the cannabis grow tour! While we have relocated our flagship Colorado dispensary to Louisville, consumers and patients can still shop at our Denver location. 


The Best Cannabis Grow Tour Now

Rated by Forbes as the best cannabis grow tour in 2019, Seed & Smith’s facility tour has only gotten better. With new, more interactive elements to the tour, recreational cannabis consumers and medical cannabis patients alike stand to learn a good deal of information. These marijuana grow tours are offered Thursday – Saturday  in several time slots. We host small groups during each cannabis grow tour to ensure the experience is interactive and immersive. Our 40 minute guided tour takes one through different stages of a cannabis plant’s cycle such as vegetation, bloom, and then into our extraction lab. If you have ever taken our previous tour, you know how much we love to showcase our plants, extracts, discuss terpenes, and more. If you have yet to take Denver’s best cannabis grow tour, well, what are you waiting for? You can find more information about our tour’s operating details here.


Seed & Smith Grow Tour Highlights

If your curiosity hasn’t been piqued enough by now, check out these highlights of Colorado’s favorite marijuana grow tour:

Vegetation: ever wondered how much work goes into getting baby cannabis sativa plants to evolve from seedlings into full trees? Our first stop is a great way to learn about the beginning stages of cultivation as well as how we maintain our cannabis grow rooms.

Bloom: the stop on our tour that really gets a lot of “oohh’s” & “aahh’s” is stop number two–Bloom! Here you can see dozens of cannabis plants thriving, growing, getting big and strong. You will also be able to absorb the beauty of the cannabis plant’s flower on this stop.

Packaging: you will be surprised to learn how much effort, organization, and dedication goes into our packaging on this stop of our facility tour. Thankfully, this dedication is noticed by our consumers and patients who share such great feedback with us about our product packaging.

Extraction: Colorado’s cannabis concentrate scene is world renowned. With so many different techniques of extraction, our MIP is on full display and so is our machinery. We also love educating tour-goers about terpenes and the entourage effect on this stop of the cannabis tour.


Book Colorado’s Best Grow Tour Today

As a reminder, Seed & Smith has opened our doors to the public and created this tour with respect to one of our founding brand pillars: transparency. For that reason, our cannabis grow tour is 100% free! Our grow tour isn’t just for marijuana consumers and patients though, we have non-users come in all the time to learn more and educate themselves. If you are ready to sign up for a tour, book Colorado’s best grow tour by clicking here. If you have any questions for us regarding our tour, please email:


See you soon!


December 14, 2021
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