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Colorado Purchase Limits

Cannabis has been legal in Colorado since 2000 for medical patients. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Since then, there have been countless changes to the rules and regulations on what constitutes a responsible limit for consumers to purchase.

While cannabis is still relatively new and more and more research is done, these regulations keep changing. For example, House Bill 1317

DIY Infused Pre-Roll

Rolling a joint can be a ritual or an art form. Our collection of techniques comes from experienced rollers. Here are a few ways to craft an infused pre-roll using THCa and premium flower:


Refined Live Resin Oil Debuting for Seed & Smith’s 710 Event!

While no state has been handed the crown as the king of cannabis concentrates, Colorado is certainly a leader in the marijuana extraction space. We may be slightly biased, but our team believes Colorado may be home to some of the best concentrates in the US! Part of what makes Denver & Colorado such a hotspot for cannabis concentrates is the cultivation environment and history of trailblazing extraction techniques endorsed

Colorado Cannabis Legislation

Cannabis legislation is an ever-changing field. There are more than 50 individual state and territory laws, each with their own bills, statutes, and regulations. Then there are the federal laws; the complexity can sometimes be overwhelming. In Colorado, we are lucky to have a forward thinking community of local and state politicians interested in furthering the education, advancement, and healthy proliferation of cannabis throughout Colorado. But how is the rest

Military Appreciation Month: Veterans Discount for Cannabis

May is a notable month for many reasons, but we pay particular attention to the fact that May is Military Appreciation Month. First introduced by the late Senator McCain in 1999, May has been prominently revered by all servicemen & servicewomen, active or not, as a month to commemorate the efforts of all members of the US Department of Defense. The brave men and women who risk their lives to

Twitter & Cannabis

It’s no secret to those of us on social media that there are certain restrictions placed on cannabis that don’t apply to other products. Due to the differing legal status of cannabis across the US on a state-by-state basis, there are certain restrictions for cannabis marketing on social media. As a company with several cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, these restrictions can be very annoying!

These restrictions prevent us from

Cannabis Storage 101

Cannabis packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, from pouches, bags, jars, plastic containers, and everything in between. If you know how to store cannabis in the most optimal conditions after being cured in the correct manner, it can have a shelf life of up to 2 years! Now, it is easy to overlook the delicacy of the cannabis plant, especially when it has been trimmed, dried, cured, and packaged

Cannabis Terpene Guide: Your Quick Cheat Sheet

What Are Terpenes?

By now, you’ve heard about terpenes. Even individuals who are not frequent cannabis consumers are becoming aware of terpenes–those magical compounds found in plants. As a cannabis user, you might have heard a friend say, “Eat a mango before you smoke to really supercharge your high,” only to find out that mangos contain a fair amount of naturally occurring myrcene. Myrcene is just one of hundreds of

COVID-19 Recap

March has been quite the month, huh? There have been so many changes to our day-to-day lives that we almost can’t keep track of them. As it stands now, we are all in the same boat and we’re optimistic about working together to overcome any challenge that lies ahead of us. As a community, we can all try to follow the proper guidelines and procedures to keep one another safe

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