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COVID-19 Recap

March has been quite the month, huh? There have been so many changes to our day-to-day lives that we almost can’t keep track of them. As it stands now, we are all in the same boat and we’re optimistic about working together to overcome any challenge that lies ahead of us. As a community, we can all try to follow the proper guidelines and procedures to keep one another safe

Storing Cannabis

Cannabis packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, from pouches, bags, jars, plastic containers, and everything in between. Stored optimally after being cured in the correct manner, cannabis can have a shelf life of up to 2 years! Now, it is easy to overlook the delicacy of the cannabis plant, especially when it has been trimmed, dried, cured, and packaged for final consumption in a dispensary. After all, many of

Cannabis Terpene Guide: Your Quick Cheat Sheet

By now, you’ve heard about terpenes. Even individuals who are not frequent cannabis consumers are becoming aware of terpenes–those magical compounds found in plants. As a cannabis user, you might have heard a friend say, “Eat a mango before you smoke to really supercharge your high,” only to find out that mangoes contain a fair amount of naturally occurring Myrcene. Myrcene is just one of hundreds of terpenes, but surely

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