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Live Sauce


The most flavorful vape product generated at Seed and Smith, live sauce consists of extremely high terpene percentages extracted from freshly harvested, frozen cannabis. First, live resin is extracted utilizing a proprietary blend of n-butane and n-propane. After a long, slow purge of solvents at low temperatures for the best preservation of light aromatic compounds, the terpenes are separated from the THC-A crystals and placed directly into our vaping devices. Through this meticulously engineered process, live sauce ranges from 50-60% THC and 40-50% terpenes with no detectable residual solvents.

In early 2014 we came together to build an innovative company focused on two things: creating exceptional cannabis products and demonstrating our passion and our process for doing so. We began by rehabbing an old forklift manufacturing facility, turning a dated industrial space into a state of the art production campus that’s open to the public. Welcome to Seed & Smith. Here we meld science and love in our quest to trigger a renaissance in cannabis.


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